Find beauty. Seek truth. Work together. Do good.

When pulling the team together to form Rocket, Klaus Obermeyer laid out our vision quite simply: Empower artists, change the world. "Creative excellence is my passion, our passion," he said. "That passion powers our art, and art empowers business."

And for us, it really is that simple. Do what you love and do it as well as you can. We are are all propelled by something deep within to create and bring as much beauty as possible. Even our clients would agree. They face crazy challenges that create amazing opportunities. Opportunities and stories that don't just need a warm, available team. They require authentic artistry, the perfect light, a voice, a vision, and flawless timing and delivery. All systems go.

Do you want to work with our team? Or on our team? We're always looking for the next chance to do what we love and bring our very best. Drop us a line. Or better yet, send smoke signals.